With increasing numbers of fraudulent activities happening, for property holders its important to safeguard it in multiple ways. Using TitleSuit you can let prospective buyers know if you are a claimant of property by listing your case, agreement or deed on TitleSuit and safeguard your property.

Yes... If a case has been filed on multiple survey numbers in one Village, you can select + option to add survey numbers. If a case has been filed on multiple survey numbers in many villages (Ex - Partition Suit etc.,) then the listing should be created separately i.e. Village Wise.


TitleSuit is a User Generated Content Web application which provides a platform to a Plaintiff/Petitioner/Claimant to upload/publish a claim on a movable/immovable property on which such Plaintiff/Petitioner/Claimant has initiated legal proceeding in regards to the claim in any forum/courts. TitleSuit collects data from open source Ecourts data.

A search report will be generated by fetching data from TitleSuit’s database.

It can be presumed that the searched property is not listed by any user/subscriber under listing case.


The status of all cases are updated on real time basis and shall be flagged as and when the status is changed when its deleted by the uploader/user/subscriber.

No... TitleSuit report is only for information and cannot be used/filed in any forum or courts.

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