About Us

makes your real estate investments secure & safe.

TitleSuit strongly and firmly believes that it is the basic right of a prospective buyer and investor to know whether the property they intend to purchase/invest has either a suit or a Title.

TitleSuit is conceptualized and is brought to life by a team of professionals with many years of rich expertise in Legal and Real Estate sectors, to provide a unique, yet simple and significant solution to a complex problem that has been around us for ages. By offering a highly innovative and optimized platform to the citizens and legal experts for safe and secure way of claiming their title/claim and ensure that the prospective buyer/investor gets the right information in regards to the property, they intend/plan on buying.

We are a technology company, that uses sophisticated algorithms and secure verification processes to ensure that our customers are getting the right information to secure their valued investment.

TitleSuit makes your real estate investments secure & safe.
The aim of TitleSuit is to achieve a target of NO Civil suit/cases in India by the end of 2034.

Our Team

K Prasad Reddy
Founder & CEO
G Shravya Reddy
C Mounika Reddy